Trade Marks are an important in the unambiguous identification of a particular maker. With backsaws especially, the trade mark is usually stamped on the back of the saw and so provides a permanent method of identification.


This list of trade marks is taken from Kellys 1901 trade directory. I will add others here are they become available.


Allen Edgar & Co. Limited, Imperial steel works Tinsley.

Brittain S. S. & Co St George's Works Shoreham Street

Brooksbank Abram & Co. Malinda Street

Atkinson Brothers Limited, Milton Works,

Beardshaw J. & Son, Ltd Baltic steel works, Effingham road,

Beckett Alfred & Sons, Ltd, Brooklyn works, Green Lane,

Bedford John & Sons Limited Lion works, Mowbray street,

Burys & Co. Lim. Regent Works, Penistone road & Philadelphia works Rutland road.
Other Marks: "WM.ASH & Co.", "REGENT"

Colquhoun & Cadman, Douglas works, Arundel Street

Carr J. & Riley, Bailey Lane works,

Colver Bros. Lim. Pilot works, Cotton Mill row

Cook Williams & Sons, Glasgow Steel and File Works Washford road, Attercliffe; and Glasgow and London,

Drabble & Sanderson, Ebenezer Works, Morpeth St.

Firth Thos. & Sons, Ld. Norfolk Works, Savile street east,

Flather W. T. Limited, Standard steel works, Love street.

Glauert L. & C. Wallace works, Furnival Street,

Hansell F. L. & Co The Hansell Canal Steel and Wheel works, 47 Eyre Lane,

Hearnshaw Brothers 50-52 Sorby Street,

Howarth James & Sons, Bath Street

Ibbotson Brothers & Co Lim. Globe Steel works, Alma St; and 7 Victoria Street, Westminister, London, s.w

Jackson William & Co Sheaf Island works Pond hill,

John Wilson, Marsden Bros. & Co. Portland works, Trafalgar street

Kenyon John & Co. Mill Sands steel works, Mill Sands,

Lockwood Bros. Limited, Spital Hill works, Spital hill.

Makin Thomas & Son, Castle works 105 Edward street,

Marples William & Sons Limited, Hibernia Works, Westfield terrace.

Marsden & Beeten, Middlesex works, Newcastle st.

Moss & Gamble Bros. Franklin works, Russell street; & Wadsley Bridge works, Wadsley Bridge,

Newbould Samuel & Co. Lim. Newhall road,

Osbaldiston Louis & Co. Challenge works, Arundel street,

Osborn Samuel & Co. Clyde steel and iron works, Wicker; 184 Brook hill, Blonk street and Rutland works, Penistone road; and London,

Peace Joseph & Co. Lim. Lancaster street,

Peace W. K & C. Limited, Eagle works, Mowbray street; London offices 61 St. Mary Axe, E C.

Pearson F. G. & Co. Hope Works, Furnace hill.


Warranted Superior
Priest & Co. Pea Croft brass works, 60 Solly street.
While not strictly a saw maker, this medallion appears on many secondary product lines.


Russell, Horsefield & White; Canada works, Charles street,

Sanderson Bros. & Co. Lim. Newhall road,

Slack, Sellars & Co. Townhead works, Lancaster street, Neepsend

Sorby I. (now Turner, Naylor & Co Ltd), John street

Sorby Robert & Sons Ltd. Trafalgar street.

Spear and Jackson, Etna works, Saville street east,

Sybry, Searls & Co. Carlisle street

Taylor Brothers. Adelaide works, Mowbray street.

Turner, Naylor & Co. Ltd. (late I Sorby), Northern tool works, John street.

Turner Thomas & Co. Suffolk works, Suffolk road

Turton Bros & Matthews Lim. Steel, file & spring works, Wentworth street, Neepsend lane;
and 34 Gracechurch street, London E C, N.T. No 1045 T.A. "Matthews Sheffield"

Tyzack Joseph & Son Lim. Meersbrook, Sheffield

Tyzack, Sons & Turner, Little London works, Heeley

Tyzack W. A. & Co. Stella works, Hereford street

Ward & Payne, Ward's works, West street & Limbrick works, Hillsboro,

Wheatman & Smith Ltd. Russell works, Kelham Island,

Wilson, Hawksworth, Ellison & Co. (now Kayser, Ellison & Co. Ltd.), Carlisle wrks.

Wilson William F. H. Hermitage lane